Becoming your own master May 2020

 Saturn retrograde 2020

From May to September we are in retrograde city. This week we have important opportunities to take through our full empowered self into the integration of our new world.

Saturn is going retrograde on his journey back through early Aquarius into Capricorn by July.

He started his retrograde motion on Monday 11th May around 3PM AEST. Saturn will be a minute (portion of a degree) in retrograde motion by Thursday 14th May. 

Can you feel that things are more still now? The energy has stopped somewhat. Meaning there is less versatility right now in a way.

Saturn the ruler of Capricorn is currently in Aquarius signifying the building of the new earth. He is heading backwards into his home territory in Capricorn and will reach there Thursday, 2nd July at 10.26AM. 

So from now until July we will be integrating what we have learnt about this new world we have created in terms of our own authority. 

When Saturn reaches Capricorn we will have a chance to reflect on the hierarchies we chose to work with in the new paradigm. 

Saturn is the master teacher and he is calling for each of us to grow through the limitations we have been experiencing. He can be tough and harsh and calls for self-respect and a new level of authority within ourselves. 

In these few days while Saturn starts the journey backwards, we are called to trust ourselves, to dig deeper into your authenticity. 

There is a warrior energy at the moment and we have to choose wisely and with clarity where we put our power. 

This year we have felt power and force in society, in governments, in corporations - are you aware of your own power and force and how to use that for your mission? 

Saturn is a black and white, yes or no planet. Saturn is a divisive ruler, what’s right for someone else may not be right for you. 

Just as we feel the power of the changes happening, we too must get comfortable, own, become, express and take action for our own knowing of power, for our personal cause that is our mission of creating the new earth. 

This year we set the blueprint for the landscape of Self and our environment that will unwind until 2030. 

On Tuesday the 12th until Wednesday 13th May the moon (our past, our emotions) and the mid heaven point (our purpose / what we are offering to the world) will transit past the executive team of the new earth - Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn. 

Are you aware of what your emotions are attaching to in this new earth and how that is impacting your mission? 

How is your past influencing your story now? Are you bringing through old and outdated emotions?

How are your emotions impacting your sense of self and your authority over your own life?

Call in your purpose for the good of all. Call in your power. Stand firm in what you know to be TRUE now. Try something different and keep moving forward.  

Become unwavering and unfaultering in your new truth. Let the debris that is everything else fall away. 

It is this knowing that will carry you through to building a new earth with the stone walls of a palace and not a straw structure that will be blown down. 

This year all that is built on straw is being blown to the ground - see in yourself what has dropped away, we have to get straight to the point of the matter and be in service to that and that only. 

Are you still looking outside yourself, to others, or to the crowd for your authority? Be wary - truth, your truth, is an inside job and then your dynamic with the external world is an overflowing.  

And when Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter are all retrograde on Friday May 15th we will start to carve out our place using the wisdom / expansiveness / faith we have brought in (Jupiter), our power (Pluto) and our authority (Saturn). 

Recently when I did a podcast I called in a dream as a message to empower others into the new worlds being created. 

According to Kabbalah we may be on Earth but we are living in entirely different worlds. There are many films that communicate the rich learnings of Kabbalah (which I’ll write a blog on soon) and the worlds within worlds concept. Each part is necessary. 

To know your part consider the following… 

Do you know who your master is? 

Who are you kneeling to? Are you expanding in this dynamic? Are you bringing in your individuality, your unique you? Your radiant you? Have you bowed to a master without even realising? A boss, a lover, something external to yourself? 

What school of thought are you bowing to in these times? 

There are strong ideas floating around. Do you trust a story on the television? On your phone? From a hierarchy within society? It will be different for all of us. And we need to be highly discerning, and masterful with what we bring through for our unique purpose. 

Beware of siding with a story that doesn’t empower you. 

The greatest master of all appears when you recognise the master within yourself.

Only you know what your role is... take the time to enquire as Saturn starts on his karmic journey backwards.

Take time to be still and quiet. Watch your thoughts for a period each day and as you watch them, you become the watcher, that divine presence, rather than your thoughts - Osho explains the path to the master within in his book Awareness which I will be reading on instagram @teja palace. 

Until Friday take the time to consider how you could bring through more of your unique self, more of your empowered self and what you can take action on for a better environment for you. 

This year we birth a new level of self mastery. 

Saturn will help you work with what you’ve bought in during these 4 months of integration until September 30th.

I'm calling in absolute beauty, love, peace and harmony, the freedom to be my weird and wonderful self and extreme abundance of natures epic magic and so much more...!!! We are doing it here! 

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