The sacred activism of debut single Listen


Listen Teja Palace

Debut single Listen is about unity, it’s about having respect for one another and meeting others in that humbling thread.

It’s about honouring the sacredness in others - the track is an electro version of the Sanskrit word “Namaste”. 

The song was written during a period when I was deeply healing and learning about the traditional ways of Australia.

For years I was seeking an elder to sit with and I found Grandmother Mulara, an aboriginal elder from South Australia.

She opened my mind to a new reality.

It was the teachings of deep listening that really came through for me in this particular song and the power of that while relating with the world and those around us; healing our connection to ourselves, to nature and to one another.

The production of Listen is alarming, yet the vocals haunt and mystify creating softness in a bold call to action to respectfully bow down and listen to one another.

In the song I am honouring traditional Australians, saying I see you and I respect you, in gratitude to Grandmother Mulara for welcoming me into her world.

The song speaks to the innate qualities of those who meet us in humility and openness - my sisters and brothers who hold space with care and walk in truth and elders who guide with their grounded spirit. 

It is my intention to open each show with this song so I can begin in an honouring of one another as I wish to share my art in service not in entertainment. 

During the pre-release stage of this song I was taken on a deep healing journey. 

When we birth art with a deep and sacred message it initiates the artist. 

I learnt that in order to really listen to others and to embody the message of this song, I needed to move past my fears of truly being heard.

Many of us carry pain around not being heard. 

I had to find the courage to listen first to me, shed all in its way, and only then can I mirror that to others. 

I am asking the audience to walk past their fears that are holding them back from the ability to be heard so we can listen and heal. 

Listening does not mean we are giving ourselves away or diminishing ourselves in any way - for we can only truly deeply listen to others when we have heard ourselves. 

It is a natural human need to be heard and it starts within.

Catch the exclusive premiere of Listen on Music is my muse this Thursday 11.3.21.

Available on all platforms for the Pisces new moon Saturday 13.3.21.